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heating cooling Columbus oh

heating cooling Columbus oh

From installation to repair, Midwest Contracting is the place to call for heating and cooling in Columbus OH. We service both residential and commercial properties. The services we perform will keep you healthy and save you lots of money over the long-run. We're all about doing things efficiently and doing things right the first time at Midwest Contracting. To learn more about our heating and cooling services in Columbus OH, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Getting those Old Heaters and Air Conditioners Cleaned and Repaired

If you have an older air conditioner or heater, there is a good chance that it may not be functioning at optimal capacity. It might be running up your energy bill to ungodly amounts and barely keeping a room cool or warm during the respective season. The unit may just need to be cleaned, but it might also be damaged, as this is common with older heaters and air conditioners. Calling Midwest Contracting to fix the problem will be cheaper than buying an entirely new unit, and it will probably reduce your monthly electric bill considerably. Look at the cleaning and repair of your heater and air conditioner as an investment that will save you money, not an additional expense.

Getting Your Air Ducts Serviced

New homeowners seldom think to have their air ducts cleaned. After all, the home is brand new. They can't possibly be dirty yet! While this kind of thinking is understandable, it is faulty. Air ducts need to be cleaned as soon as you move into a new home. During the construction process, massive amounts of debris and dust are put into the air and settle. As the air circulates through a new home or a newly renovated home, that dust and debris will get trapped in your ductwork. Indeed, your air ducts should be cleaned after every construction project in the home including when the home is built.

Reduce Allergies and Breathe Cleaner Air for a Change

Your home is your castle, except when you're allergic to it. Indeed, many people experience severe allergies and never even consider that it could be from the air they breathe inside of their homes. In addition to dust and debris, your airways may be full of pollen, pet dander, mold, and mildew. This is especially true in older homes. If you're just moving into a new home or you don't know when the last time you had your air duct system cleaned, give Midwest Contracting a call. We service individual components and whole systems.

We Service Commercial HVAC Systems

If you own or operate a restaurant, it is especially crucial that you get your air ducts cleaned routinely. Grease gets trapped in the hoods above the fryers, grill, and saute stations, and this grease can become flammable as it heats from the cooking equipment below. Because of its location in the air system, it can become a major fire hazard and spread out of control quickly. To avoid catastrophe and make the air you breathe cleaner, contact Midwest Contracting, the number one choice for heating and cooling in Columbus OH.

heating cooling Columbus oh

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