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New Furnace Near Mississauga

New Furnace Near Mississauga

Furnaces remain the most popular way of heating our homes because of their long lifespan, low operating noise, higher efficiency, and compatibility with most home’s operations. Furnaces offer flexibility because they have multiple energy sources.

We often do not think about the furnace until it breaks down or stops working. Our team specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing different kinds of furnaces. Our options for your new furnace in Mississauga include the following.

Overview of our new furnace near Mississauga 

Electric furnace

The electric Mississauga high-efficiency furnace is the most popular among homeowners because of its simple installation and maintenance. Homeowners on a budget prefer it because it is readily available and does not pose the risk of toxic fumes and other leakages.


Oil furnaces are excellent for estates because they need space to store the oil. You also need the installation company to refill the oil and clean the tank regularly due to dirt buildup. Oil furnaces are cheaper than gas but do not have the same efficiency.


These furnaces offer many different advantages and do not break down frequently. They are the cheapest to maintain and have considerably good performance. The natural gas furnace does not pose risks of pollution and uses minimal energy to produce the same amount of heat as most counterparts.


Propane furnaces are more popular because they do not need a gas line and can great in any location. The furnace installer can calibrate the propane furnace to produce additional heat sources' infusion.

How do we choose the right furnace?

Price is essential when you buy a new furnace for your home, but it is necessary to pick a system that fits your home’s energy system and the amount of energy you need. We look at the following factors to choose the right energy type for your furnace:

  • Number of rooms
  • Number of windows and doors
  • Climate
  • Ceiling height
  • Size of property

How often do we inspect and maintain your furnace?

Some online sources suggest that furnaces do not need annual maintenance when regularly used. We have the opposite suggestion because of our practical experience in the industry. Our technicians recommend a yearly inspection, cleaning, and probable repair to ensure the system uses the same amount of energy and lasts considerably longer. Our team is quickly accessible to get smaller maintenance services like a change of the air filter every three months.

Cost of installing a new furnace

All furnace types incur different costs of installation and replacement. The average national varies between $3000 and $5000. We give personalized quotes for your new furnace in Mississauga, depending on the following conditions:

  • Location
  • Brand
  • Space
  • Furnace type
  • Labor

As you can tell, there are gaps in the cost of home furnace replacement and installation in Mississauga for all types of properties. Langton ClimateCare has experienced many different furnaces and will give you accurate quotes to install the best kinds for optimal energy saving and efficiency. Contact 905-312-9644 to learn more about our furnace purchase and installation services.


New Furnace Near Mississauga
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